All skin tones
Instant and long term results
No downtime- It is not microneedling
Noninvasive and causes no pain
Individual 'True Blue' tip per client, per service
Includes under the eyes and over the lips!


Rezenerate treatments utilize nano-technology to create tiny permeations in the skin! Permeations created by this tool are so tiny they can actually pierce cell walls without damage creating a pathway for nutrients. With continued treatment, skin will not only look healthier, it will actually be healthier! Best results are seen in a series of at least 3 treatments, 10-14 days apart with correct homecare products.


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rezenerate nano facial

90 minute rezenerate + led

Includes a Dermasound ultrasound peel and the serum penetration mode along with Rezenerate nano-technology for advanced results! Ending with a masque and cooling globe massage!
60 minutes $142

This treatment uses almost every tool in the room. Dermasound exfoliation followed by a 30 minute LED treatment using the amazing Celluma panel! The LED treatment is reducing inflammation, acne bacteria, boosting collagen, combined with a reflexology foot treatment is the ultimate beauty rest! Rezenerate technology helps penetrate serums to hydrate and stimulate collagen, with a focus on your skin's specific needs. Ends with a cold globe massage to cool the skin back down!
90 minutes $175

90 Minute Rezenerate + Lift Masque

The amazing benefits of Rezenerate combined with the Glymed Plus Super Protein Face Lift Masque! This treatment will leave your skin feeling tighter, brighter and lifted. While the Lift Masque is at work, a reflexology foot treatment helps you relax and slip into your beauty rest!
90 minutes $175


micro-channeling to create nutrient pathways



exfoliate, penetrate serums and lift



relaxing and effective


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known for a faster, less painful wax


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