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Brows got me into the business. A good friend and mentor saw my portrait artwork at a young age and decided I would make a great brow artist. At the time, I had no idea it would be the stepping stone that brought me to this career I love beyond words. I have been a Licensed Esthetician for 12 years and love what I do more everyday.

Brows may have gotten me into the business, but skincare has kept me here. Your individual skin is so complex and unique to you. That is why you need a skincare regimen that is created by a professional, with your individual needs and goals in mind. I am so proud to carry Glymed Plus! This line is results driven, cruelty free, medical grade line of skincare products that helps my clients skin to be clearer, healthier and younger looking.

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Days at the spa are full of helping my client relax and learn about their skin. Even more than that, this room is full of love and laughter and sharing life's moments. I love that the line between client and friend is so often blurred. 

spa days

Testing out product lines before bringing them in for my beautiful clients is a fun (sometimes scary) part of the job! 

product junkie

There is creativity in esthetics! I love seeing really grown out eye brows (or super sparse brows!) and creating the shape that best suites your face. 

an artistic eye

This industry is always changing and keeping me on my toes. I love reading about the science behind ingredients, new technology and new, fun tools to bring into my treatment room!

forever learning


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